Hello, I am Okta, the Oktatopia. This blog is my personal blog about my natural lifestyle that I’ve just learned. I will share everything about food, especially Indonesian foods that I really love, natural beauty, natural remedies, and much more I already used.


Who am I?

I’m a wife at home. I’ve just quit from my job at publishing company as an editor. Now I can work seriously in my personal blog. As a woman and wife (and a mother), I have some jobs to do to make sure that everything in my family is fine. And I wanna share it to my blog. Not a beauty blogger. I don’t really like make up, because I grow up with brothers and girl friends that never teach me how to look beautiful with make up.. (mm, that’s true).

But I do really like skin care.

And I don’t wanna share about stuff. But I will share all my thoughts about everything in my head. I’m a type of person who can’t stop thinking why. I always ask my self why this could be happened. After I know the answers, I will tell on this blog. This is my third blog since I was in college. I really wanna blog seriously. But my routine always make me stop typing on keyboard.

So, let’s see what I can do for my blog.