Why I Choose To Read The Label Before Buying Skincare

Do you still love buying skin care products based on the claims of the seller? Does it succeed? I have two years left that way. Why? As I am sure over 50% claim is marketing products only.

I have never worked in the industry of cosmetics or skin care. However, I believe the cosmetics industry use hundreds or even thousands of synthetic chemicals to create the product. How do I know? I read the composition on the product label. All beauty products must include the ingredients list at the labels of packaging. So it is not difficult to find existing content in beauty products.

In some countries, especially in Europe, the use of a number of specific synthetic materials are already banned because it may cause negative reactions in the human body. For example such as phthalates. But in Indonesia, that ingredient is still allowed to be used on the product, in a certain amount.


Negative reactions on the skin

Some women have sensitive skin types. Partly because it is a condition of her skin prone to allergies or eczema. Sensitive skin may cause inflammation and irritation. Partly, women have sensitive skin because skin care products that touch their skin. These products can cause skin burning, redness, or peeling. Some of them feel even though not noticeably worse, their skin feels uncomfortable when wearing it.

That thing I had ever experienced when wearing the savory products from beauty clinics that claim their products are natural. I get rid of acne fast enough. But the effect of dependency makes me regret it. It gets worse after one year thus I realized it.

To be honest, when I use beauty products I can buy freely, my skin feels lighter than wearing the savory products from the beauty clinic. They do claim to be able to make the skin very beautiful and interesting. But the effects thereof cause the problem in my skin. When leaving the product from the clinic, my skin is thus becoming increasingly sensitive after wearing the products I buy in stores. This change makes me be more careful with the composition of the product.


Anything crucial from the composition of the product?

Not all beauty products include composition. For that I mentioned above, the beauty products on sale free already are required to put down the composition on the label packaging. However, for the products of the region are obtained from clinics most did not specify the composition. Why? I don’t completely know, but maybe it’s some sort of entitlement makers so as not to be imitated by other competitors or one clinic.

Perhaps we should ask directly at the doctor who handles in the field of it. Even though I have confidence if not all the doctors at the clinic will be honest with the answer. I’ve ever faced such a doctor like that, and I will not repeat again.

To restore my skin like before, things I do and become a habit until recently was reading the composition of beauty products. Simple, but it really helped me make choices. Here are some things to consider when reading the composition in the packaging of beauty products.

  • Too Many Ingredients

Too many products that include your ingredients should be a warning to us. Beauty products that use natural ingredients usually not include too many compositions. One of them is a preservative. Preservatives can be weapons for the producers of synthetic beauty in order to make their products were more durable. We should be wary of the very long list of ingredients.


They are the same product and the local product in Indonesia. The left is not organic, the right is organic. (Source: instagram.com)


  • Pores-clogging Ingredients

To keep safe, beauty products do not usually include the label “comedogenic” or “noncomedogenic” (this happens in Indonesia). Material that causes clogged pores can make the skin cannot breathe and dirt easy sticking. Impurities which accumulate can cause skin problems, one of these is the acne. Some material which can cause clogged pores is usually the perfume, isopropyl myristate, synthetic dyes, and so on.


  • Expiration Date

There were some products mention the expiration date, and others include the symbol of expired products. Have you ever purchase products beauty with a symbol jar open that is writing 12 M or 24 M? The symbol indicates if beauty products should not be used again in the 12 or 24 months after you open the packaging. The symbols usually imprinted on products that are natural materials more than the synthetic materials, or even none at all.

The symbol of 12 M from Indonesian local product. It’s claimed organic by the company. (Source: instagram.com)


  • Non Alcohol

One of the ingredients that may cause skin irritation is alcohol. Alcohol is commonly used to relieve the consistency of beauty products, so when applied topically on the skin becomes lighter. Usually suitable for oily skin types because it is easily absorbed by the skin. Alcohol in the ingredients list is usually written based on what kind of alcohol type. For example, stearyl, cetyl alcohol, Cetearyl. When alcohol use is too often on the skin can cause skin irritation, triggered the fine lines, and wrinkles.


  • More Natural Ingredients

Products with natural ingredients more certainly nicer than the synthetic. How do I know that? Because there are few ingredients written in scientific language usage that sometimes we do not know what it is. Googling! The Internet does give us the answers that are hard to find out.


  • Read From Top to Bottom

How to read the product’s ingredients is started from the top and then downward. Product materials should be written in order from the largest to the smallest. Generally, the three ingredients that first mentioned materials have greater consistency than the next ingredient. So don’t be surprised when a product claims to be able to moisturize the skin, but when you checked the label, the content of the glycerin is precisely in the order of the middle or lower, meaning that most of these products do not provide extra moisture to the skin.


  • Recognize Materials that Cause Irritation

From does not know be know. An avid reader of labels composition allows us to learn what kind of synthetic materials that are not good for us. For example, if you feel the products you use contain too much perfume, then you should avoid products that contained perfume too much. Therefore, I prefer to choose the smallest component of the product. Because it makes it easy for me to read and recognize the kinds of ingredients that are not good for my skin.


What is most important than just reading is, don’t be easy to believe claims from the sellers. It is important to read the product label and get to know more of all kinds of materials so that we can really avoid ingredients that are not good for the skin.

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