Hello, I am Okta, the Oktatopia. This blog is my personal blog about my natural lifestyle that I’ve just learned. I will share everything about food, especially Indonesian foods that I really love, natural beauty, natural remedies, and much more I already used.


Who am I?

I’m an editor in a publishing company, a wife, a mom wannabe, and a daughter. I was interested in healthy lifestyle even I still love mie ayam, the street food of Indonesia that contains MSG. I still love that food with spicy sauce and soy sauce. I’m foodies. But actually, I am always selective about the ingredients on foods or skin care product.

I live in Nganjuk, East Java. But I’m still working in Surabaya as an editor. My husband works in Nganjuk. Yes, we’re in Long Distance Relationship, for a while. Because I’m gonna sign my resign two weeks before my baby bear. I actually love that job. But as long as I can write a blog, I’ll always be happy.

I am not a doctor or nutrition specialist. I’m just a learner who loves to share about foods that I really like, some trials and errors about skin care, and everything I know about the natural product. It’s very happy to share a good information to change our bad habit about lifestyle. I said that because in Surabaya, I’m so desperate for the water. It’s very dirty. I can’t cook with it. That’s why I’m so glad to share this healthy tips for people around me.


Why do I write this blog?

I like writing. Write about my experiences in a blog makes me feel better than posting a status on social media. I write about healthy lifestyle because my father has been a diagnosed diabetic disease. Also my big brother, in his 33 years old in 2015. It made me more careful about my lifestyle. So I chose to prepare myself to control everything in my family. Especially for my little baby that will be born soon.

I write this because I really love to share this good information. Women around me love to take a treatment in a beauty clinic. They really love promotion in there. But as long as they do the treatment, their face just so clean, but they can’t stop it. They overdosed with the treatment. It’s scary for me because I have a bad experience with a doctor in a clinic.She said that food didn’t have a correlation with our skin. It shocked me because I knew it’s wrong. So I chose to stop the treatment and began the journey with organic skin care. Then my face purging for a year.

But the organic skin care really works. I got my natural skin back. When I used the clinic treatment product, I felt my face very heavy. And when I stopped using the treatment for a day, my skin got worse. And I thought I overdosed with that treatment. It’s so expensive and ruins my skin. Now I’m happy with my natural skincare routine. It’s really fun to try some handmade skincare and cosmetics from foods. It changes my life about everything. I became more concerned with my family so that they won’t be trapped like me in a beauty clinic.

It’s enough about me. I wish my blog will make you feel inspired! Left comments on the last page of the post. We can discuss it together. Tell me about your feeling after reading my post, and share your journey with us!